Feb 2, 2014

Sigru - Murungai

Botanical Name: Moringa Oleifera
Family: Moringaceae (Drumstick family)
Sanskrit: Sigru, Haritashaka, Shobhanjana
Hindi: Sahjan, Shajoma, Mungna, Sehjan ki phali
Marathi: Shevga
Malayalam: Muringa
Tamil: Murungai
Kannada: Nuggekayee
Telugu: Munagachettu
Konkani: Mushinga Saang
Gujarati: Saragvo
Oriya: Sajana or Sujuna
Bengali: Sojne danta
Assamese: Sojina
Punjabi: Surajana

Drumstick tree is a small, deciduous tree, of the family Moringaceae, native to tropical Asia but also naturalized in Africa and tropical America. Drumstick trees can reach a height of about 9 m (30 feet); they have corky gray bark, branching and fernlike leaves. Highly scented white flowers and long bean like seed pods. Seed pods are used as a vegetable, especially in south Indian cuisine, e.g. drumstick sambar. The leaves are extensively used as a vegetable in many parts of the world, and the root can be made into a condiment similar to horseradish

Moringa is so safe; it can be consumed by children and nursing mothers. Students, athletes, working professionals and the elderly will all benefit from over 90 bio-nutrients delivered to the body, to improve clarity, focus, and concentration. A healthy mind needs to be supported by a nourished body. Moringa help support healthy blood sugar levels and provide nutritional support for diabetics. They aid in eliminating toxins, stimulating digestion, and strengthening the immune system.

Increased Energy and Vitality
A natural energy boost from nature's most potent herb. Charge your body with nutrients it can use. Moringa provides 90+ all-natural vitamins, phyto-functional minerals (such as zinc and iron), trace elements and every essential protein required for muscle growth. In addition, moringa has 7 times Vitamin C found in oranges, 4 times Vitamin A of carrots, 4 times calcium of milk and 3 times potassium of bananas. Moringa oleifera is nature’s whole-food complex, which makes it easy for your body to recognize, absorb and

Mental and Emotional Well Being
Moringa is an uplifting plant that can sustain positive moods. Stress, anxiety, and the pressures of daily life all deplete your body of nutrients. Taking moringa regularly can give your heart, mind, and body the nutrition you need to elevate your mood naturally so you can stay positive, open, and rise above the daily grind.

Anti-Aging Nutrients
Defy your age with rejuvenating vitamins and powerful antioxidants. Moringa oleifera contains over 40 active antioxidants which help to clean your body of pollutants, quench
free-radicals, remove unhealthy cells, and bring life to deficient tissue.

Healthier Blood – Naturally
Scientifically demonstrated to reduce blood sugar and lower blood pressure. Moringa's unique combination of nutrients can help to boost the immune system. It also helps to maintain healthier blood sugar levels within a normal range. People with high blood pressure or diabetes may also find moringa oleifera to be an effective supplement for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Organic Nutrition for Mothers
High bio availablily for growing children and nursing mothers. Growing bodies need nutrients, and moringa is the most nutrient-dense plant ever studied. Moringa gives children the nutrients they need to grow health and strong, in an easily digestible form with high absorption rates. Nursing mothers can also use moringa to increase the nutrient content in their breast milk. Moringa can increase the natural calcium levels of mother's milk by an amazing 25%.

Clarity, Focus, and ConcentrationBoost your cognitive potential with a healthy dose of over 90 nutrients. Athletes, students, and working professionals are always in need of a boost in performance. Regular use of moringa oleifera can cause an increase in brainpower as moringa delivers bio-available nutrients to your body, improving human functions from the most basic to the most complex.

Moringa Health Benefits· Boosts energy levels and increases vitality
· Increases focus, mental clarity and stamina
· Provides an abundance of all-natural anti-aging nutrients and minerals
· Boosts the immune system
· Promotes healthier blood naturally
· Helps to maintain healthier blood sugar levels within a normal range
· Helps to maintain healthier blood pressure levels within a normal range
· Assists in reaching and maintaining an appropriate body weight
· Improves mobility and flexibility
· Aids with joint pain
· Recover faster recovery and harder training
· Increases overall well-being